Can your car's cigarette lighter short circuit?

I use mine to charge my cell phone and to listen to my iPod, but now it's not working. It's not the chargers themselves, because they work in other cars. Also, my cigarette lighter which I never have used before is also not working. Does this happen to a cigarette lighter if it over heats or anything like that? Is there anywhere you can reset it?

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I drive a 2001 Acura Integra.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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the fuse has blown youll need to buy another one they are only a few cents and put it in the fuse box either under the bonnet or under the steering wheel. gl

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I've had this happen on a Pontiac Fiero.
It's probably a fuse (in the fuse block, check owner's manual).

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it probably needs a new fuse

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Check your fuze box. The cigarette lighter often has its own fuze there and its probably blown.

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It is probably a fuse. Do you know where your fuse panel is? If not, do you have someone who could look for you and see if any of the fuses are burnt? They are very cheap to replace.

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Your cigagrette lighter can blow a fuse depending on what type of car you have you may be able to change it yourself if you find out which one it is.

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It is possible that the fuse for the cigarette lighter has been burnt out. All vehicles have an eletric panel somewhere in the interior. You can have the fuse replaced at any auto service shop or you can probably do it yourself, but would have to find the proper fuse and know where to put it.

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More than likely it is the fuse.

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Sometimes on older cars the wiring on the back of the socket itself can come loose. Has happened to me on 2 seperate older cars I have had. First check the fuse as that is the easiest to try. If the fuse is still in good condition and has not been tripped, you will have to take the Lighter Socket out and check to see if the 2 wires in the back are still connected to it. This can be hard and varies from car to car on how to get it out

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Good luck with your repair!
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