Does anyone have any info on a ww2 ship called Fort Rae ?

i am looking for a photo of the ship for a friend who served aboard the ship {Robert Mitchel} if anyone can help that would be great.


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I was unable to find any record of a US Navy or Coast Guard vessel called the "Fort Rae".

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I did however, locate a submarine from the WW2 era called the "USS Ray". If this is the vessel that Robert sailed on, here is the page.

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I'm wondering...could your friend have been in the Merchant Marine during the war and sailed on a merchant vessel? Or was he military?

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PS...I found the ship. The Fort Rae was a British merchant vessel that was a part of Convoy HX 217 during WW2. The convoy departed New York City on Nov. 27-1942 and arrived Liverpool on Dec. 14. It's final destination was Belfast, Ireland.

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The Fort Rae was also sunk during either British or Canadian soldiers. Read this...

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"At their peak in 1942 the Lower Mainland's coastal batteries, from Steveston to Point Atkinson, were manned by 720 gunners, supported by infantry regiments and auxiliary units. Anti-aircraft batteries of 40-mm and 3.7-inch calibre guns appeared at point Grey, Little Mountain, Ambleside and elsewhere. False alarms were many, but it was the lax observation of port security rules that resulted in the sinking of a ship. Alas, it was one of our own. On September 13, 1943 (the anniversary of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham), a fish-packer blithely entered the inlet, ignoring all signals to identify itself. A warning shot from a 12-pounder gun at the Narrows North Fort ricocheted off the water ahead of the offending vessel and went on to tear through the newly built freighter Fort Rae exiting below the waterline. The sinking craft struggled to return to its birthplace, the Burrard Dry Dock, and settled ingloriously beneath Lions Gate Bridge. The vessel was later patched up and restored to service after causing red faces and recrimination all around."

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