Dont you just all agree now that GM makes crappy cars?


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Actually,GM's are pretty good nowadays,you young guys should have experienced the garbage of the late 70's to the mid 80's!Anybody remember the Cimarron?
How about Citations...if you got 40,000 miles out of the drive axles you were lucky
Ford and Chrysler were just as bad.Hey Dodgeman,remember the early K-cars?
And let us not forget the first gen Escort,the head gasket was a service item,average life span was about 50,000 miles.They don't build'em like they used to,and thank God for that.

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in general, all american cars are pretty crappy. they are nice, but have poor quality/ materials.

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Hey dude, GM as well as Ford and Chrysler all have their good and bad traits. Besides, A car is only as good os the upkeep and maintainance done on them.

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I think you need to check some facts. GM has many of the top spots on quality surveys. You would be surprised to see how far down the list some of the companies like Mercedes Benz and Jaguar are on the list of quality.

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I disagree. I believe that the quality, fit and finish of GM cars has turned around dramatically in the past year or so. They are not exactly up to par with the quality of some of the foriegn imports like Honda/Nissan/Toyota but are get much closer. In my opinion, Ford is and has made crappy cars and should really wake up and get on the ball.

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Nope, I don't agree with that inacurate question/statement.

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It all comes down to personal preference, and preference plays a big factor in how consumers view makes of cars, as well as satisfaction levels.

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I have a Chevy Avalanche, never had any problems with it. Same with my Saab (which is owned by GM), a great car with minimal mechanical problems.

How much money does a car salesperson make by selling a 24 thousand dollar auto?,curious!?

I have friends with Mercedes and BMW's that are always in the shop, and you can find problems with any car from any company out there.

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GM and Ford

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They make a good engine.But their electronics,transmissions,and diesels are junk.I hope they will buy Chrysler,then maybe a G.M.engine with Chrysler electronics,and G.M. rear end, would be good.They could pay Toyota to build a better transmission.Then may Mercedes could get back to making good cars,like my 83 REAL DIESEL.
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