At low volumes, how do i get nice booming bass?

At low volumes, the entire voice of the system goes down obviously but that nearly shuts down all the sound coming from the subs, meaning only the vocals and tweeters seem to be playing. what do i do


Which speaker system would be better for my car Bose or Infiniti?

you go to your amp and look where you have all your switches and will see a switch labelled gains,you turn this up and you get your boom

Anyone have a VOLFENHAG amplifier?

get a bass remote for your amp. that way you can adjust the gain of the subs while you drive.

Amplifier question?

First i would go for a nice ported or bandpass box, but this setup might loose control if u play faster music. also try turning ur bass. and turning down the volume treble abit.

What is the best soundproofing material for my car?

Check to see if your head unit has a "loudness" setting. If you turn up the loudness, it will increase the low end frequencies drastically. Just make sure you turn it back down when you turn up your volume again.
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