At what frequencies do i set the car audio crossover points?

i have 5 1/4" in back and 4x6 up front. the amp has a fixed 85hz hp filter. but i suspect that is still to low. the speakers are rated for 5-40 rms and 120 peak. the amp is a mtx 50x4. i am considering getting a f-mod from crutch field (fixed hi pass plug for rca) but i wanted to get opinions for a good frequency to go with.


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For 50wrms x 4, 85Hz is fine. I wouldn't buy f-mods until I listnened first. If you did add f-mods, they would only do you good if you wanted the cutoff point at a higher freq.
I personally have my hpf @ 80Hz, lpf @ 80Hz as well. My door speakers (4x6's, 6 1/2's, and 6x9's) move a little for the upper-bass response and their fine. They all get about 50wrms, each.
Anyways, all speakers are different. In fact, your 4x6's would perform at 'peak' with a different cutoff point than your 5 1/4's, but that is hardly measurable.

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Just see what it's like now. If your door speakers get distorted or muddy from too much bass, the f-mods are the way to go (100Hz would take care of it, if it's a prob, should be fine though).
It's up to you!
Good Luck!

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Around 28 so you don't blow them. To much isn't always good.

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If you have subwoofers, set the high pass filter for the speakers to around 80hz (the setting you have it on is good), using a -12db per octave slope or greater.
Then set the low pass filter for the subwoofer to around 80hz as well.

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If you don't have a subwoofer, you can set the high pass filter to around 50hz... but don't push it. If you hear distortion, decrease the bass going to them.
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