90 camaro 305 loud ticking&clicking when accelerated?


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Probably have a high mileage car on your hands. If so, then maybe the lifters or camshaft are beginning to wear down. If so, you may need a top end rebuild. Cam, lifters,timing chain and gear and maybe a valve job too. If its a light ticking, then you may only have sledge build up in one of the lifters. try Lucas oil additive or Marvel Mystery fluid 1st, add it to the oil and drive it for a while. If it goes away, then keep driving it and add more of the additives with each oil change.
good luck..

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ooh boy.lifters, rockers, cam shaft, pistons, thats a bad sign when that happens, check oil level often, you probably will have to have the engine overhauled...good luck

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Could be detonation or pre ignition.If detonation try putting in 93 octane (full tank)if noise stops then keep using 93 or reduce timing and try a lower grade.If it's pre ignition try getting spark plugs a heat range colder.It sounds like det. though...so try a higher grade of gas first!!Try putting it in neutral and reving the engine,if the same noise is heard then its possibly mechanical!
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