Why is stuff moved by ship called cargo but stuff on a truck is shipment?


anyone know if i can drive a semi while on probation?

Just taking a Stab at the question but I'd say it's the size of the LOAD. And considering on Ship it would be a large amount of just one item in a CONTAINER. Where as on a Truck , it would be one of many ITEMS being DELIVERED.

Internet in Cars?

The same reason we drive on parkways and park on driveways !

On journeys...?

really its just how it is

if someone is stupid enough to walk in front of your car on a road, don't they deserve to be hit?

Those are called that for the same reason you park in a driveway and drive on a parkway. :D

Why is the Segway called a segway?


why do people have to drive and talk on a phone?

Because if you had to say ship the shipment it would sound too redundant , and truckment is just not a word

Science Question! After traveling sveral kilometers on your bike, you notice that the tires feel hot and the..

No difference unless your a materials manager. Cargo usually describes small groups or individual "shipments".
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