I want to find out if my truck is in my name. how can i do that on the web?


Chicken pox?

Did you go to your dmv when you bought it and actually register it in your name, and receive a registration? Yes? Look at the name(s) on the top. Is your name there? Yes, it is in your name.

California DMV question.?

If you never went to the dmv to register your vehicle (you would know because you would have walked into their building with the paperwork from the purchase transaction, and the previous owner's title OR, if it was brand new, a certificate of origin from the dealer. If you didn't do this, and the dealer didn't do it for you as a favor, then it isn't in your name.

Y cant u put insurance on a car you dont own for in michigan?

Do you have the vehicle title in your posession?
Is your name hand-written on the back of the title? Yes? It is NOT registered in your name.

How much are first time Florida license plates?

Do you have the title, and your name is typed by the DMV on the FRONT of the title? Yes? Then it is registered in your name.

My parents siad i need to wait till i`m 18 to get my drivers license is that a good thing?

go to the dmv website in your state look for registeration
and put in your licience plate your name and address should come up
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