I want to finance a car. Can the registration and insurance be under my brothers' name?

Will a car dealership allow me to register the car under my brother? I want to put the car in my brothers name because the insurance will be cheaper. His credit is in better than mine.


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If your brother puts your car in his name he is an idiot. He then becomes legally liable for any damage you do with that car. If the Insurance carrier discovered that your brother insured the car in his name but you were actually the driver they would probably consider that to be fraud. They would cancel the policy and possibly prosecute your brother.

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Sure they will but it is leagally his car then. sure thats what you want? and he is taking a risk on you smashing it up and cuasing him to loose his cheaper insurance rate.
The dealer doesn't care who owns it. lets

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He would be the Co-Signer, the registration would be in his name as you as the secondary and the insurance would have be under his policy, with you as a secondary as well.

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It would be a risk for him as any damage to the vehicle would give him a hit, as well as if you default on a payment for whatever reason, that would give him a hit on his credit.

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You want to buy a car, but put the car in your brothers name. Right?
The first answer was right. The dealer don't care who pays for it, don't care who's name it's in. They just want the car to be sold.
Is your brother willing to risk his credit rating? What if you miss a payment or two. Then his credit is down the tubes.
As far as the insurance, He would have to insure the car & add you as the primary driver (I think)
But the insurance would also be in his care, what if you crash his good insurance rating?
It's a risk on your brothers part. A BIG risk!

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Yes, the registration and insurace can be under his name. But you have to be on his insurance policy or otherwise your going to be an unisured driver.

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Only with your brother's written notorized permission or Power of Attorney. You still have to get insurance for the car, and they will require you to be the registered owner, or the primary driver, and the insurance will be based on you, not your brother. Basically, your brother would be putting his money, reputation,credit on the line for you. If you wrecked the car, they call bro, you hit and kill someone, they call bro. Is that really fair to your brother? Instead of using your brother, why don't you work on your credit, and purchase what you can afford, not what your brother's credit can get you.
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