I got an unbelievably low quote from Response Wordwide Auto Insurance.Should I switch from StateFarm?

Their quote is about 1/2 that of all others


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I've shopped around a lot for car and motorcycle insurance but I've never heard of Response Worldwide Auto. You have to be careful with insurance because it doesn't matter how cheap your premium is if they don't pay out if you get in an accident and by then it is too late to do anything about it.
State Farm is very reputable. I would be hesitant to trust an insurance company that I hadn't heard of.

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It's impossible to answer that without more information. Price is not the only thing to worry about when getting auto insurance. Generally lower price means lower quality. Premiums, deductibles, benefits, coverage... All of these matter.

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Ummmm.NO! Well...I guess I shouldn't say it like that.

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Have you ever heard of Response Wordwide Auto Insurance? Are they matching your coverages exactly or are you doing an apples to lemons quote?

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How are they rated as a company in proving customer service and claims handling? This is important too.

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Unbelieveably low quotes are unbelieveable for a reason - the rates could double in 6 months. Was this like some companies that offer a low rate for new customers and then at renewal they double the rates?

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Have you ever had your State Farm insurance double or even go up for no apparent reason? I'll bet not. In fact in many states policyholders are receiving dividend checks and their rates are actually going down. Amazing--an insurance company lowering their rates and refunding money.

Drivers license?

Crazy world, I know.

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Ask Response Wordwide Auto Insurance if they've ever done that. Also, ask them how they are rated as a company. And ask them how long they've been in business.

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Supplemental: At state farm you build up over time free accident forgiveness - ask your agent about it. Why pay extra for that?

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Here's the thing. This is probably a non-standard insurance company, meaning they don't have the financial backing to cover most losses. Companies like StateFarm, Allstate, Farm Bureau, etc, have been around long enough to build a customer base so that if there is a major loss, there's enough money to cover it. Allstate even now offers an accident forgiveness reward, so that if you are in an at fault accident, you aren't surcharged for it, and you don't lose discounts you may already have in place. You have to pay a little more for it, but it beats having your insurance go up at renewal, or having it cancelled or non-renewed because of the accident. Also, if this is a non-standard company, and you leave them to go back to a standard company, insurance with the standard company will be more than before. I would seriously think about it before making the move.

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I would be sure that coverage is the same from all insurance quotes, then select the best one for you. I would wonder why this company is so much lower, it sends a red flag up in my opinion.
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