I got angry at my car and jumped out right before it hit a building what should I tell my insurance company?

It kept burning oil. Always need fixing. junk! so will i get a new one? I tell them it was stolen?
I need advice on what I think happened.
thank you.


I hit a car that has no insuarance and was not a valid driver, she hit 2 other cars am I liable for all?

Tell them that "Big Bobby Clobber" who answered this question earlier stole the car and ran it in to a building. And that the lady below him, "Urban Hermit" put him up t it. That should work... yea. :)

Does anyone know if sheilas wheels are a good insurance?

They will pay you for the depreciated value of the car, less the insurance premiums for the current year.

Polce are so greedy they will work 8 hours then stand by the road for another 8 what a raqqet?

And if they find out that you trashed the car, they will charge you with fraud and sue you to recover all costs. And the police will charge you fill filing a false report.

Driving for tesco.com Can you drive for fourteen hours without a brake?

big bob is right you should have taught of this befor trashing your car...

Can anyone help me with a car insurace problem??

tell them that you were trying to tie your shoes when they passing out the brains.

What is the penalty for driving with no insurance?

Yeah you're pretty well screwed. Suppose you were doing right around 30mph before you tried to jump out, that's going rather quick for jumping out. Throwing a number out there it would seem it'll take at least 4 seconds to undo your seat belt (must be wearing it, right?), open the door, and jump out. That means you had to have noticed the building coming along 176 feet before you were to hit it. There isn't a car out there legally able to be on the road that can't stop from 30mph in 176 feet.so why didn't you just stop?

How long for a settlement check for bodily injury & how much?

Now your numbers may vary, but the point being you call them with your story and you'll likely go to jail.
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