How do I remove a wing from a mk3 volkswagen golf? Where on earth are all the bolts?

Have removed ten or so so far, but the thing still wont budge.


Can I pour the Antifreeze straight in?

along top down door pillar and usually behind bumperbut they are also sealed silcone or similar stuff to seal off inner wing area
use a wind bladed scraper[wallpaper] and try and pop the bond betweenwing and innerwing

whats the fuel pressure for 1999 cadillac deville northstar engine?

get the wife to reverse it into a tight space (about 40ft wide)

what is better undergravle or overflow box for filtration?

Jeez 10!! have you drove it into an aviary or something

How do I refill my Air Conditioning on my 2000 Mercedes?

put it into a garage

Need help w/ rear brakes on 2001 Mercury Cougar.?

The bolts could be from inside the car, or the wing could be held on by some sort of glue or double sided tape. If it is the later, get a hair dryer and heat the area up, then get some string or dental floss and work your way underneath the spoiler until it comes off.
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