How do I remove a stain from my leather car seats without damaging the fabric?

Typical leather cleaners are not effective on this stain. I don't know for sure but I believe one of my nephews spilled cola on my seat; I found out much later after the stain had set in.


How to check antifreeze from the radiator, not the overflow. Thanks to all who reply!?

Use a shoe buffer (without colour) from Aldo shoe store. Amazing results!

my wife put cheep gas in my car and now it is jolting as if there is some one pumping my brakes?

First off, it's not a FABRIC its an animal hide!

why are my brake lights still not working changed my brake switch?

Secondly, if it's already well set, then the next best choice you have is to redye the leather or re-upholster. Sorry.

Where is peugeot 206 1600cc 4cylinder Automatic gearbox oil gage?

find a leather worker they should be able to fix it -really grweat having a cuz that is a leathersmith --

how important is it to keep your car tires properly inflated?

use mr clean n wipe it
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