Buell XB12S......Should I get it?

I was thinking about buying this bike. I like the looks and it handles better than most I bikes Ive ever been on. Anyone heard anything as far as reliablity goes? I know about the older ones. Any things I should look for when buying a used Buell?


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the buell 'blast' is a quick little scoot. dont let the cc numbers fool ya, it'll have ya holdin on. if u still dont think it's quick enough, doin a stage1 will add about 20% more hp/torque.
it's fun as hell in the twisties; very quick in manuvering. if u know what ur doing, the squid ricer's will be givin u props later. it's a crotch rocket with the harley name, and i think it looks alot more classier than the ricer's.

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yea first thing you should look at when buying a buell is...is it going to be pink? mannn getta Harley be a man for once.. lol

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Forget what Rob said, Buell is made by Harley. To me, if it handles good, and feels good buy it. As for reliablity, they aren't up to par with their foreign rivals and more $$$.

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none of those answers are true, Buell now makes a bike with one of the fewest manufacturers defect rates in the industry. (including the Japanese manufacturers)

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They did have reliability issues when they first came out, but since they were bought by Harley Davidson in 1999, the RD and QC has been second to none.

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The new design (bikes without tube frames) are innovative and well thought out. They are a little down on power compared to water cooled big twins and in line fours, but they make superb street bikes.

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Patrick must work for Buell. From all the feedback I hear... they suck. Pick up an issue of Sport Rider or go on their website and read some reviews of different sport bikes. It's made by Harley. It cant be reliable! Seriously though, there is no way it can be anywhere as reliable as a Honda or other Japanese bike.

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Had an X-1 Lightning, Ltd. Edition (#413 of 800) 2000. If you are into short runs, trips fine. I had problems with leg cramps on anything over 300 miles. There is no place to stow gear either, so make it a 'day-tripper'.
I never had a problem with the machine, until the day that pothole jumped out at me.........totalled the bike.
When the 'kids' got to playing, I'd park my FLHT and bring out the X-1. They skattered, like when you get close to a pile of crap and the flies take-off. It was fast at stock (102 bhp) and faster after chip burn and german made race exhaust with force air intake and K&N cone breather and element. Sure do miss the speed and handling, not to mention beating crotch rockets.

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There's nothing wrong with a Buell if you are only going on short hops. A long ride over 200 miles will change your mind in the direction of comfort. The actual sitting position sux.

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as for reliability it a harley.... and harleys are maintenance.....end of story.

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try suzuku sv1000 or yamaha fz1 if you like that style

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I believe the buell is a nice compromise if you want to say your ridding a harley but don't want to ride a bad handling hog. you are not going to keep up with the japs but they are a lot of fun.
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