What should i get?

I am 17 years old 6ft 4in and 220 pounds. what kind of bike should i get. im not getting anything over 600 cc and even that is too much. im thinking maybe a kawasaki ninja 500 or 250 but you guys tell me


I any one going to the isle of man TT races this year?

I had a 650 when i just started and i was just as tall as you. the key is not to go as fast as you can. practice in an empty parking lot first and then go on

whats the fastest true production car made?

if you are 6-4 why would you want a crotch rocket of only 250-500 you need a BIG bike.

What bike would you reccomend for someone who has just passed their test Yamaha thundercat or suzuki GSXR600?

I'm far smaller than you, and I think a GSXR 750 would be nice! The idea is to go realy fast, right? The bigger the better.

I'm trying to find transparent spark plug wires for a 2005 ,1200 coustum sportster know of any web sites?

that would be a good start. take your time and learn. gs 500

Where can I get parts for a panterra motorcycle?

Great question.....but it depends
I'm 26/ 5'7"/ 145lbs and I got 750cc Honda Shadow Spirit750DC and weights 500lbs I was nervous just like you but My BRC instructor said I will just fine and I'm glad i made that right decision.
If money issue then its diff
Ride Safe

I never cared much for the look of the V rod. Is it a chick bike?

You could go for the Suzuki Katana 600 or 750, both aren't quite as fast as a GSXR 600, but still quick. Plus they don't look as weak as a Ninja 250. With your height it would fit you great.

How are dual purpose motorcycles for expressway riding?

Look into the SV-650... it's a V-twin

i think i missed out. am trying to find a blueprint for a 59 to 61 cushman eagle. anyone know where can find.?

I am 5'7" female and just bought my first adult bike( I have not drove in 20 years) I sat on many bikes to get a feel for one to fit me. I have long legs and like them stretched out not rubbing my cheeks. I did not want a bike that could not keep up with the group, or one that was way too heavy. Just sit on as many as you get a chance to see how it feels for your size.I found a Kaw 800 Vulcan Classic! Love it!

What is a good all-around motorcycle for taking across the states?

For your size the Kawasaki Ninja 500 would be an excellent choice. It's engine is based on the earlier LTD 454 which was basically a Ninja 900 engine cut in half and is very powerful. But don't think that a 600 or larger would be too much, the Ninja 500 will out perform some 600s like the v-twin Honda Shadow VLX and other faster 600cc four cylinder bikes like the Yamaha FZ6 aren't very powerful at all below 8000 rpms and as long as you keep the rpms below that they are very gentle and very easy to control since they are so light weight...Bikes such as the Yamaha R6, Honda CBR600RR, Suzuki GSX-R600 and Kawasaki ZX6 are intended for more experienced riders though but they will only go as fast as you make them and if you don't think you will be able control yourself a 250 or 500 can be just as dangerous and in some cases even more so because some riders get over confident sooner on bikes that don't scare the hell out of them at a certain point... The Ninja 250 is capable of doing over 100 mph with your amount of weight on it...Your biggest danger as a beginner will most likely not be what you are riding but will be other traffic, pedestrians and animals. You have to expect them get in your way or pull out in front of you everywhere like as if you are totally silent and invisible to them and always be prepared to stop. As long as you understand and never let your guard down you are big enough to handle just about any motorcycle.

how do i derestrict a kymco 50cc moped ? thanks?

get a kawasaki 500

Please help. Cleaned my carb as had not been done for long time. When I put carb back on bike wont start.?

Dude if u get a 250 or 500 ur gonna outgrow it so fast it wont be funny. If i was u id be lookin at the suzuki sv 650 good starter bike plus its a twin so it dosent have the git up of a inline 4. Please dont get a 250 or a 500 ull regret it!!!!!
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