I need to know the value of a 1958 harley-davidson trike.?

A friend of mine has been offered to purchase in good condition (body & runs) this h-d trike. Does anyone have any idea what its worth is? She wants to be fair without cheating anyone. Thank you very much for all serious responses.


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Although I own a 1958 Harley-Davidson Servi-car myself, your question is impossible to answer sight unseen. If it is a true 1958 Servi-car, if it has its original components, and if it is in very good condition, so much so, that it would not look out of place in any museum, then $13,000.00 to $15,000.00 would not be an unreasonable expectation. Depending on condition and completeness it could also be as low as $5,000.00. Get it appraised by a reputable antique motorcycle restorer. If your appraiser makes you an offer himself...get another appraisal.

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Look it up on ebay.

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this is a classic and should only be appraised by a professional insurer or dealer

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and if she is the owner and someone wants it she will not bew cheating anyone by letting them buy it for whatever they have. This bike could be a museum piece or owned by someone noteable. Try contacting H-D with the serial number, they may have a little history for you.

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Harleys are garbage so I would have to say it is worth $0. Get a real bike and then we will talk. Hey thomy8, mind your business. And for the record, Jap bikes put those pathetic harleys to shame in every aspect. Sure is funny how every time ya go into a harley dealership they have drip pans under the crank cases of their so called bikes. Face it, they are junk so deal with it. Rednecks would say that, they are known for screwing their sisters.

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Try this link:

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This Kwijibo sure is opinionated.
Wonder how much their 1958 JapCrap is worth.
Perhaps they should get a real bike. Isn't it funny how all these opinions are NEVER voiced in public where these people would actually have to confront someone face to face?

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thomy8s is correct . tellkwijibo can take that a 58 jap bike and sell it for scrap metal . the 58 hd trike could between 10k and 15k depending on cond. in great cond. its worth any amount,if its inportant to you.
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