I need to know where the small vacuum line on a 1978 honda cb 750 goes.?


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If it's 1/4", black,plastic/rubber and coming from the carb it's probably an overflow - there are 2 that run to T connectors. First is between carb1 and 2 on the left of the bike, the other is between carb 3 and 4 on the right. There are also 4 overflow ports on the bottoms of the float bowls that may have this king of tubing.

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If its thicker ~1/2" rubber it probably runs from the top of the engine to the air box along the right side of the frame under the gas tank. This is the same SOHC/4cyl I have on my 1980 CB650.

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See the link for more info.

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it might go to the gas valve on the tank,some valves are vac. opperated and wont let gas flow without it

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They don't have any vacuum lines! It's a '78 Honda motorcycle!

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It's a fuel float bowl overspill line. It goes down and out to the ground from the bowl.

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No Picture is correct in that there are no vacuum lines.
Where is the other end connected? If it's the lines on the bottom of the carbs, they are overflow lines and should be open.
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