I need some instructions on learning how to drive a 5 speed saturn? Debbie?


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Just sit in the car and practice while the car is off. First practice pushing in the clutch and letting off slowly, then combine it with the shifting. After that, turn the car on and try for real.

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Well, if you lived close by, I could give you free lessons.

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HOnestly, get in it and go. Try to stay away from steep inclines, and traffic until you get familiar with the clutch. Have someone take you to an open parking lot to work on taking off in first geer, after that just take off. I promise it won't take long. Good luck and have fun!

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you really cant get a satisfied answer to this question on here. The only way to learn is to Just Do It! Experience is the only way

Driving problem?

The major thing to master to be able to drive a stick shift car is how to start it moving. Thing that does not take a bit of your effort on automatic car, here requires some skill. ALL people who start driving manual cars have difficulties learning how to start a car. It is doable, however, and I'm pretty much sure that everybody can learn how to drive a stick shift car with just an average level of determination.

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It does not take the whole travel of your clutch pedal to engage/disengage your clutch. The engagement process itself usually occupies less than a third of its travel. All the rest is just a kind of a cushion zone. So, the first thing you do – you divide the whole travel of your clutch pedal into three zones. First being “still fully disengaged”, last being “already fully engaged”, and the middle one being just that - “engaging”.

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Why would you want this? Because what really matters for how smooth you are able to start your car is how you operate clutch and gas pedals when you are in “engaging” zone.

I need to know...?

Your next task is to get a feel for where engaging zone begins. You can find it really easy – when you slowly release your clutch pedal, you reach the point were engine sound starts to change a bit and, if you have tachometer, you see a slight drop in engine rpms.

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Well, telling where engaging zone ends is not that easy. You can’t really do this when you are just starting to learn, but don’t worry, this will definitely come just a bit later.

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So, now we are ready to start. After all this preliminary explanation the actual process of starting sounds really simple:

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- depress the clutch pedal
- shift into 1st
- quickly release clutch pedal to the beginning of engaging zone
- while in engaging zone, simultaneously release clutch pedal and depress gas pedal, trying to keep engine rpms slightly higher than idle
- as soon as you reach the end of engaging zone, drop release the clutch pedal – you don’t need to smooth it anymore
- operate gas pedal to accelerate.

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That’s it! You are up and running!
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