I need to get over my fear of driving under the influence. Any suggestions?


Do you think that buses should have seat belts? See the article below about the GA bus crash.?

Maybe you have that fear because you might have a conscience. You should not want to get over that fear. You could seriously hurt or kill someone you dope!

I can use some help with a realistic invention (idea). Is it possible to be poor and get a patent?

Stupid Question!

Do you think the UK legal driving age should be raised to 21?


Can visual(like illusions) misconceptions cause road accidents?


At what age does a child have to be to no longer use a car seat?

That's ridiculous.

Can i get a class A CDL with a DUI on my driving record?

So, do not get over this fear!

Are 15 seat vans difficult to drive?

don't ask dumb question just trying to get people to respond!

Where do you seat a toddler in a truck that is a 2 seater?

Stop drinking.

New York driving laws?

Every time you take a drink, pour a large glass of water into your gas tank. That should cure you fear.

When you see a sign on the motorway that says?

You shouldn't be driving under the influence. Not only is it illegal, it's stupid and can also be deadly. The reason you have a fear of it is because your conscience is telling you not to do it. Just remember it's not worth taking the chance of killing somebody and spending the rest of your life in jail.

What do you think of RED tires for autos?

Ya DONT I got a DUI and it was totally not worth it, and say by chance u get in a bad accident when u have it in your system and the other person dies boop theres your life down the drain cuz u'll be goin to jail for the rest of it!

Where can i found out how many vehicles use particular main roads in the UK?

go to the doctor(maybe psychiatrist.. )and ask why your asking so stupid quetions...are you serious??

Why do people think that big suvs/trucks are safer in crashes??

Don't worry about it. You're very fortunate you have that fear and it's easy to overcome. Don't drink.

Do i need any gas when reelpverse round a corner iam a learner driver just can,t seem to get it right please h

If you are afraid of drinking and driving, that problem is easily solved. You are not drinking enough to make you fearless enough to get behind the wheel. I suggest that you drink at least 2 more than usual. This will conquer your fear. God luck.

What is the law on seat belts in the UK?

No you don't. You should have a fear of driving drunk. If you get caught, it could include some jail time. Next door neighbor got busted 2 times in a year. He spent 11 months as a consumer of correctional services. He just got back a few months ago..

Warning versus Citation?

clank is appropriate. jerk!

What is the mailing address for the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration)?

what you should be afraid of is what they will do to you in prison when you get arrested for DUI, or maybe how you'll pay the bills when you can't get a job with a record, or the look in your mother's eyes when she realizes the kind of person she gave birth to.

Accident while out driving?

Don't be dumb! Don't do it!

Is it true speed cameras have to be callibrated every day?

I don't get drunk or high and bother you in your office, so please don't do so in mine... I really don't have much else to add that is constructive, so I will keep the rest of my thoughts on this to myself.

What do you do when your driving and you speed up?

Play Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic pistol until you win. That should take care of your problems.

How do you put a car seat on a shopping cart? Which direction?

Yes, don't. Keep that fear, and don't drive if you have been drinking.

What is the U.S. airline that has the best food in economy class?

The best thing to do when driving under the influence is to drive very fast, this reduces the length of your trip and lowers the chances of some fool hitting you.

Went does a commerical vehicle need license plates?

The second best thing to do is close your eyes,this may reduce your fear and calm you down.

Black Ice Question.?

Good luck and have a nice day..

Has anyone else had trouble with their 2001 Mustang's seatbelts?

You are supposed to fear driving under the influence, drinking and driving is for morons. Drinking and driving (or driving stoned) decreases your reaction time, endangering you, your passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians and bikers. Do not think for a minute that drinking and driving is normal, acceptable, or in any way justifiable. If the people you hang out with drink and drive, you may be hanging out with the wrong crowd.

When you come to a one way street do you still check the other way for pedestrians?

Don't drink.

What age and height do you have to be to sit in the front passenger seat with an airbag?

yeah, a couple years in jail will cure you

Is visibility a factor when changing lanes in a Dodge Charger or Chrysler 300?

I hope you never do it, and if you do i hope somehow you get scared out of wanting to do it anymore without you or anyone else getting hurt.DRINKING AND DRIVING IS MURDER ON OUR ROADS.
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